Ava Grayle




Chat with me about your fantasy, or give me a call and let my seductive voice lead you into my world. Phone sessions are a favorite way of mine to connect; I love the intimacy in hearing a voice on the other end of the line and prowling into the intoxicating world of the imagination. If you would like to call me directly, you can reach me at 1-800-863-5478 ext: 12661322

$2.49/m on Niteflirt


For the sub who likes to be watched for our sessions. I will be fully clothed. I do not show my full face. Outfit requests are welcome and I will do my best to accommodate them from my wardrobe. If a specific item is desired, please purchase it for me prior to our session.

$5/m; 20 minute minimum.



I expect you to come to me with your topic or fantasy in mind. This is a collaboration, not an interrogation. What you get out of this experience is equal to what you put in; no more, no less.

I do not use nor tolerate racially-charged language, racial slurs, transphobic language, or derogatory talk about other women.

Desires, preferred language, and limits will be discussed during booking and/or at the beginning of the session.

Explicit crossing of boundaries will result in the immediate termination of the session without refund.

All genders, races, and orientations welcome!


Niteflirt: I am generally available weekday mornings/early afternoons, though I lead a busy life and there may be days where I am unavailable. You are welcome to call anytime my line is on. If you would like to schedule a call, send me an email with three preferred dates/times.
Video calls: I require a minimum 24 hour advance booking.


Booked phone or video calls require full tribute at the time of booking.

Niteflirt is charged on a per-minute basis.

Custom content requires a 50% deposit with the balance due upon receipt.


My time is limited and valuable; please endeavor to be respectful of it when booking.

If you must cancel a phone/video call appointment, you may reschedule for an alternate time within 30 days. Repeated cancellations will require additional tribute.

In the rare event that I need to cancel an appointment and you are unable to reschedule, I will refund your deposit.


First of all, congratulations on seeking out a professional to explore your desires! Kink and BDSM are alluring bedfellows that can become monstrous in the wrong hands. Learning about these activities from a safe and experienced player sets you up for a lifetime of positive interactions. Second of all, communicate! Communication is at the heart of successful kinky play, and it’s never too early to practice it. A little bit of nervousness is expected and exciting. Take a moment to write down your thoughts, desires, fears, and bring it with you to our session to help keep your mind on track.

Everyone has to start somewhere! While I do see people who are new to kink and/or seeking it professionally, I am selective about who I explore with. A kink scene is a collaboration, not a vending machine. It’s totally fine to be at the beginning of your journey, but I need you to do some exploring on your own to get a better sense of your desires and boundaries prior to contacting me for a session. You get out of this precisely what you put in; no more, no less. I understand it may be tempting to say “It’s all in your hands, Goddess! Do whatever you want to me!”, however, if your goal is submission, then a large part of that is not expecting me to pick up your slack.
Seek out pornography (and pay the performers!) of activities that pique your interest, sit down with this kink checklist and take a personal inventory, read or listen to erotica, call a phone sex line (maybe mine?), and perhaps most importantly, take time to fantasize and explore the secret corners of your mind. Having a better understanding of yourself will ensure a better experience with another person.

Simply Ava is appropriate in public or in general communication. Mistress, Queen, and God/dess are my preferred honorifics.

You’ll notice that there is no option on any of my contact forms to describe height, weight, race, build, etc. Your physical attributes tell me nothing about what kind of submissive you are or why I should or should not see you.

Yes! As a queer person myself, I am happy to see LGBTQ individuals and couples. Please note that I do not perform co-dominant scenes with cismales; this is a fem- and themdom space only.

Yes! I highly recommend purchasing toys for our time together and your personal time; this ensures that we can play with something that is familiar to you and works for your body. I can provide recommendations for my favorite companies & toys!

As with all experiences where you are receiving a personal service, tipping is a wonderful way to show your gratitude and pleasure. It expresses thoughtfulness and lets me know that you appreciated our time together! Cash tips are eternally pleasing, but you can also bring me a book, send me a gift card, or purchase a treat from my wishlist.

My deepest condolences on your tragic lack of reading comprehension. I suggest you spend your money on night classes instead of a dominatrix.

Are you ready to serve?

Ava will be on vacation May 13-21

All requests will be responded to on May 22