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Aftercare: What is it?

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A quick housekeeping note: After much work, I have finally figured out how to host my newsletter through my own site! This means no more using a third-party service like Substack; all of my “newsletters” (or blog posts, for those who remember the golden years of blogging!) will live on my site, and you will […]

The Darkest Nights

In the depths of winter, the early sunsets leave us with long, chilly nights, where we are likely to be tucked into our houses, only braving the deep darkness when absolutely necessary. This stillness can be the perfect time for turning inward…considering our desires, longings, needs: revisiting an intoxicating memory, musing over a beloved (perhaps […]

Welcome to my realm…

In our ever-shifting online world, I wanted to make sure we have a place where we can stay connected. Join me here to learn about new adventures and offerings. Why a newsletter? With the increasing instability of social media and other platforms where you can find me, I want to create a space where you […]

Ava will be on vacation May 13-21

All requests will be responded to on May 22