Ava Grayle

Surrender to me...

...and leave the ordinary behind

Hello there, pet...

You have found yourself here because you’ve felt the carnal urge that prowls restlessly just beneath the surface, caught a glimpse of the irresistible path into a forest of delights, heard the whispers that there is more waiting for you…

Welcome to my lair, my temple…kneel at my feet and worship. The worthy will be graced with my attention, and granted the desires they seek. This is a place for those who enjoy the sensual side of domination; while I certainly enjoy delivering exquisite pain, the submission of your mind is what makes my motor hum.

Having spent over a decade in the kink and fetish scene, I am well-versed in a variety of fetishes, predilections, and lifestyles. As a naturally curious person and an avid learner, I am always expanding my knowledge base and skills. The many facets of sex and sexuality are some of my favorite topics to discuss.

Sensuality and the pursuit of pleasure are at the core of my psyche. I love unlocking the mysteries of how the mind and body connect and diverge to shape our deepest fantasies.

Being in control comes naturally to me. I am a huge tease and I like to keep you on your toes while bringing you to your knees. The sensual anticipation is at least half of the fun, and I value building relationships where we can explore and play… I want to slip inside your mind and bring you levels of gratification you never thought possible.

How I Like To Play

My favorite kinks & specialties

Strap On Play: I love training subs to become exquisite cocksuckers…and more. Submit to my guidance: learn to take more than you ever have before and make me proud.
Edging – Tease & Denial: As a queen of tease, I delight in anticipation…fulfilling or subverting your expectations according to my whim. Watch my devilish side surface as I purr and taunt, guiding you under my control.
Goddess Worship: I am your goddess incarnate; get on your knees and worship at the altar of my divine body and power. What offerings have you brought me? What will you sacrifice to gain my favor and receive my blessing?
Hypnotic Devotion: A perfect accompaniment to goddess worship. Feel yourself fall deep under my spell as I lead you to a transcendent state of mind. My voice fills your head; you are powerless to resist. Give yourself to me; devotion is its own reward.
Cuckold Training: Thinking of your mistress or partner seeking her pleasure with others fills you with anxious lust…her insatiable desires must come first. You wait at home for her to return; will she let you watch, will she command you to serve her and her paramour, or will she merely let you clean up?
Service Submission: I adore obedient pets who enjoy adding ease and satisfaction to my life. Find gratification in earning my praise as you seek to fulfill my every desire.
Kink Coaching: Don’t have anyone you can talk to about the spicy side of your life? I am skilled in discussing new desires, kinks, or situations that may arise and helping you work through new, exciting, and sometimes overwhelming feelings that can accompany these changes.

How I Do Not Play

My limits & boundaries

Age Play
Blackmail (real)
Blood Play/any activity that results in broken skin and/or potential for serious injury
Breath Play
Bullying/Extreme Humiliation
Escort-style experiences/GFE
Forced Intoxication (including poppers)
Incest Fantasy
Medical Play
Race Play
Showers of any kind
Sissification/feminization (panties/stockings okay)
Therapist Roleplay
Toilet Play

Serve Me

"Looking at you is like drowning in liquid sex"

Ava will be on vacation May 13-21

All requests will be responded to on May 22